U have a great voice, keep it up. :) I sing as well, Im starting to write new songs. I'm from pasadena, ca. I just was watching your song from "Brittains got talent" I dont think I could ever sing like you beause i feel there is much more of me than there was before. I use to think "I can'tdo it! I can't pursue my dreams, but god made me into something special. We all have alot of talents he have us and we need to appreciate them.

Anyways great job ;)

Robert Breidenthal
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Ms Kay,I'm an English baritone in Ireland; I recently managed to re-enter the recording studio for the first time in years, and was lucky enough to duet with the wonderful Argentine soprano, Ms Lorenna Hanssen.

The duets recorded were; Eg YOU DON'T BRING ME FLOWERS

If you should like them, and if you feel it's appropriate, I'd be grateful if you could RT them on your Twitter page, if nothing else than to showcase Ms Hanssen's beautiful talent and soul to a wider audience.

Andrew Hawcroft. (Galway, Ireland.)
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