St Catherine’s Hospice, Lancashire

I spent this afternoon at St Catherine’s Hospice in Lancashire chatting to some of the patients and staff. What a fantastic place full of love, care and as a patient told me – ‘Angels’ 🙂 I got to know some of the patients quite well there, they told me how well they were being looked after and how thankful they were for places like this, to help them through the next part of their difficult journey.
I even did a little impromptu sing in the chapel for them as they all gathered around with their families. It was an honour to sing for such truly beautiful people with tears of Joy and for some tears of sadness, but i will never forget how humble the nurses were and just how joyous the patients were even though they knew they weren’t going to get better. They had accepted and became at peace with where they were and they gave me the courage to continue on through whatever life throws at me, and make every day count. It was truly an eyeopener for me, we spend most of our life complaining about the smallest of things when really compared to their daily struggles we haven’t much to complain about.

I am thankful to be given this opportunity to meet these people and live the life i have, I am also thankful that there are people on this earth that help care for terminally ill people and make their lives more comfortable and happy towards the end of their lives. I will be performing alongside Blake on the 5th July 2015 at Symphony at the Tower – marking 30 years of fantastic hospice care given by these ‘Angels’.


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